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About Matty J

Matt “Matty J” Jacobson has been engineering in professional studios since 2013. As an intern at Electric Feel Studios, Matty was often called upon to fill in as engineer for artists such as French Montana and Machine Gun Kelly. In 2014, Matty pursued a career at world renowned Paramount Recording Studios in Hollywood, California, where he started as a Runner and worked his way up to Assistant and eventually Engineer. While working as a Runner at Paramount, Matty was often called on to fill in as an Assistant or Engineer for artists such as Travis Scott, Mila J, & Jadakiss. 


As he continued to work his way up the Paramount ladder, Matty continued developing his skills as a songwriter and producer. Matty got his music start playing guitar and writing songs in high school. He quickly gravitated towards music production and while playing bass for several bands in college, Matty picked up arrangement and learned about song dynamics and structure. 


Matty J’s true passion is connecting with artists to create an incredible song that needed to see the light of day. Matty’s production uses elements of modern rap and hiphop as well as indie rock and pop to create a unique alternative sound. Matty welcomes and works with all skill levels and all genres. 


When Matty J isn’t working on music, he’s usually hiking, biking, snowboarding, or maybe even skydiving! 

For more info and rates, feel free to use the email form below. 



Thanks for contacting Matt J Audio! Stay tuned!


For inquiries or more info on rates, please feel free to send Matt an email with the form to the right. Please include your contact info as well as any other pertinent information.

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